Parent Action Group

We are fortunate to have a passionate and engaged parent body, who believe in what we are doing at Waterfall Schools and have already shown their willingness to make a visible difference at the school. The Insele Trail, the College Media Centre, the Prep bathroom decor, the water fountain and the hockey goals are just a few examples, where parents have used their energy and expertise to enhance our facilities.

As we grow as a school and establish our own rhythm of annual events and traditions, there will be further opportunities for moms and dads to be involved, whether it be helping with teas, offering professional advice or getting their hands dirty, and we appreciate every contribution.

The Waterfall Schools Parent Action Group (PAG) provides an informal platform for parents to take their involvement in the school to the next level. “I see it as a way for parents to assist the principals in making the school as appealing as possible to all stakeholders – pupils, parents, staff and potential new families,” said 2018 Chairperson, Kevin Waterston.

To find out how you can get involved, contact Marketing Manager Hayley Dennyson on

How it works:

  • There are a total of 9 elected members (Principal and/or  Educator + 7 parents)
  • Maximum of 5 co-opted members




  1. Lin Kayton (Chairperson)
  2. Jacqui Fouché (Secretary)
  3. Tracey Done
  4. Tracy Hardcastle (Extra-curricular Activities)
  5. Kerry-Anne Dolloway (Fundraising)
  6. Brod von Brughan (Environment)
  7. Debbie Porter (Events)
  8. Candice Van Wyk
  9. Ilse Rhynes


  1. Jeanette v.d. Merwe (Waterfall College Principal)
  2. Bradley Cooper (Waterfall Preparatory Headmaster)
  3. Shirley Pitchers (Treasurer)
  4. Hayley Dennyson (Marketer)
  5. Greg Kyle (Educator)



 Office Bearers

Chairperson: Lin Kayton

Vice Chairperson: Tracy Hardcastle

Secretary: Jacqui Fouché

Treasurer: Shirley Pitchers


Committee Convenors

  1. Fundraising: Kerry-Anne Dolloway
  2. Extra-curricular activities (ECA): Tracy Hardcastle
  3. Marketing: Hayley Dennyson
  4. Sport: Greg Kyle
  5. Culture and events: Debbie Porter
  6. Environment: Brod von Brughan


Office bearers and committee conveners will be elected at the first meeting of 2019.

HONORARY LIFE MEMBER        :           Pat Waters

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