Parent Action Group

  • Total of 9 elected members (Principal and/or  Educator + 7 parents)
  • Maximum of 5 co-opted members




1.      Kevin Waterston (Chairperson)

2.      Jeanette v.d. Merwe (Waterfall College Principal)

3.      Bradley Cooper (Waterfall Preparatory Headmaster)

4.      Jacqui Fouché (Secretary)

5.      Tracy Hardcastle (Campus Development)

4.      Tracey Done (Fundraising and Donations)

5.      Tanya Webster (Culture)

6.      Lin Kayton

9.      Rutendo Tsungo


1.      Shirley Pitchers (Treasurer)

2.      Hayley Dennyson (Marketer)

3.      Greg Kyle (Sport)



 Office Bearers

Chairperson: Kevin Waterston

Vice Chairperson:

Secretary: Jacqui Fouché

Treasurer: Shirley Pitchers


Committee Convenors

  1. Fundraising and Donations: Tracey Done
  2. Campus Development: Tracy Hardcastle
  3. Marketing: Hayley Dennyson
  4. Sport: Greg Kyle
  5. Culture: Tanya Webster
  6. Events and Functions:
  7. Environment and Social Responsibility:


Office bearers and committee conveners are elected at the Term 4 Governing Body meeting.

HONORARY LIFE MEMBER        :           Pat Waters

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