About the Preparatory

Waterfall Preparatory Foundation Phase, opened in January 2017. The school comprises of two classes in each grade from Grade R to Grade 3 with a maximum of 24 children per class. The Preparatory stands to be the perfect link to bring the Pre-Primary and Senior School together and forms a co-educational pathway from 6-months to Matric, all on one eco-friendly plot of land. The school seeks to establish a strong academic reputation within the upper-highway area.

In January 2018, Waterfall Preparatory will welcome Grade 4 to 7 students to its brand-new school building, which is currently under construction. Click here to find out more about admissions for 2018.

The brand-new school facility lies adjacent to the breath-taking views of the Valley of a Thousand Hills, offering your child the opportunity to experience their educational journey on a piece of land prized for its spiritual heritage, and indigenous landscape.

Waterfall Preparatory seeks to provide affordable private school education, offering children the opportunity to be taught by qualified and passionate teachers. Throughout their Preparatory years, pupils will be guided to develop strong academic, cultural and sporting skills within the Christian based ethos which is the backbone of the school’s heritage. Our aim is to give the children of our school the very best possible start to life.

The School Day                             STARTS           ENDS

Grade R                                                07h30                 12h30

Grade 1 & 2                                          07h30                13h00

Grade 3                                                 07h30                 14h00

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