Waterfall Preparatory Open Day 2016

On the 16th of November 2016, Waterfall Preparatory hosted their first Open Day for Upper Highway parents seeking quality, affordable, independent education for Grades R to Grade 3.

This event offered parents a first look at the brand-new school building on the eco-friendly campus located in Hillcrest, behind Cotswold Downs. The co-educational Preparatory School will open in 2017 and offers an excellent start to children’s Foundation Phase journey.

The Open Day was hosted at the Waterfall Pre-Primary School.  Parents were given the opportunity to interact with the team that has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring the Preparatory school to life from both an educational and structural perspective.

Sharron Lane, the Foundation Phase School Advisory Head for the Preparatory School, has chosen a team of the best educators as class teachers.  Parents were given the opportunity to meet Caitlyn Stevens, the school’s first Grade 1 teacher as she spoke about the plans for the new school year. Parents were also treated to an animated explanation of the current construction process by Clayton Heine, Head of Construction of the Waterfall Preparatory school building.  He highlighted the benefits that the school building will bring to the children’s learning experience. The building will have eight classrooms, two for each grade, ranging from Grade R to Grade 3, as well as two extra classrooms in the basement of the school for cultural and creative activities. Each classroom is 80 square metres in size, which will allow for a conducive and creative learning experience, with a maximum of 24 pupils per class.

The school will also offer the following benefits:

  • Affordable private school fees.
  • Dedicated, qualified, and experienced teachers.
  • State of the art facilities, through a brand-new school building and sports field on campus.
  • Physical Education and Extra-Mural activities supported by Garvz Sports Academy.
  • Bike trail lessons with Track and Trail.
  • Safe and secure environmentally friendly campus.
  • After Care.
  • Holiday Club.

The Open Day also offered parents the opportunity to hear from Jeanette van der Merwe, Executive Head of Waterfall College, as she spoke highly about the Foundation Phase addition to Waterfall College. For many years, the parents of Waterfall Pre-Primary School have been asking for the next step in their children’s educational career to be an extension of the ethos of the popular Waterfall Pre-Primary. As a grandparent of a Waterfall Pre-Primary learner, Mrs van der Merwe has every faith that the Preparatory School will maintain the high standards already set on campus: “I regularly drop my granddaughter off at the Pre-Primary School and have first-hand insight into the teaching, the systems and the structures of the school.  These are exceptionally efficient, resulting in my granddaughter loving her school and being enthusiastic to attend school in the mornings.”

The development of a Preparatory School allows a seamless transition for children from the Pre-Primary into quality Foundation and Senior Primary Phases, before entry to the well-established Waterfall College Senior School. The Open Day was a great success, as Sharron Lane perfectly summarised the exciting vision for this brand-new centre of excellence: “Education is not covering a subject; it is uncovering a subject. This spells out our philosophy as we embark on developing and maintaining a Quality Educational Hub on this magnificent campus.”

Admissions are open from Grade R to Grade 3, and all queries can be sent to: info@waterfallpreprimary.co.za or call 082 378 5474. Every day is Open Day at Waterfall Preparatory, and all parents are welcome to pop in for a visit.