Learning Experience

At Waterfall Prep it is our focus is to lay a foundation where every boy and girl is able to learn through fun in a peaceful environment

As we paint our brand-new canvas at our school we have the opportunity to ask ‘why’ for everything. Can we do something different that would be better for the children? We aim to create a love of learning, by focusing on the individual, and unearthing each child’s hidden treasure.

Our curriculum is built upon the CAPS document and aims to develop an enquiring mind by giving teachers and children the freedom to research, debate, review and develop topics of interest.

With our maximum class size of 24 children per class, each child receives individual attention from their teacher. Minimal assessments in class time allow for more learning and our policy of limited homework encourages children to spend time at home following personal interests and engaging in child-appropriate activities with family.  Our intention and belief is that by the end of the Intermediate Phase our pupils will be secure in their identity. We intend that all decisions and choices should create a SPAF (No Stress, No Pressure, No Anxiety, No Fear on Campus) free environment.

Our daily experience focuses on:

  • Organisational skills
  • Face-to-face communication
  • Self-confidence and belief
  • Enquiring and discovery
  • Teaching that learning from mistakes is OK!
  • Be yourself, value yourself and celebrate others

Our Subjects:

English Home Language

Afrikaans first additional language (Grade 1 – 5)

isiZulu second additional language (Grade 1 – 5)

Afrikaans OR isiZulu first additional language (Grade 6 – 7)


Natural Sciences

Social Sciences

Life Orientation



Physical Education

Economic Management Science (Grade 7)

Waterfall Prep and College are members of ISASA and the College is accredited by Umalusi.