Message from the Advisory Head

As Advisory Head of this incredible project, it has been a privilege to be involved with the development of a quality, private, affordable educational hub on this eco-friendly estate which offers a breath-taking view over the Valley of a Thousand Hills.

What an ideal environment – 40 acres of secure, pollution free, indigenous gardens and wetland providing homes to once forgotten fauna and flora – for young minds and bodies to be guided by passionate educators, and to reach their true potential.

During 2015 I assisted in the planning of the Pre-Primary School which opened in January 2016.  The meteoric growth in pupil numbers throughout the year is testimony to the dedication of the Pre-Primary teachers who ensure that all areas of growth are carefully managed to enable each little person to progress through their developmental milestones at the appropriate time.

The building of the next phase of primary education has engendered great interest within the community and the hills will be alive with the voices of excited learners from Grade R to 3 as they take possession of their brand new, state of the art classrooms in January 2017.  The second phase for the Preparatory school will commence in 2018 with the introduction of Grade 4 -7 on campus.

Enrolment at Waterfall Preparatory School will offer children from Grade R to 7 the opportunity to embark on an educational journey of excellence in preparation for a seamless transition to the Senior School. We welcome visitors to our unique campus to view happy children engaged in exciting learning opportunities.

Yours sincerely

Sharron Lane

Foundation Phase Advisory Head