The Commerce Department at Waterfall College consists of Accounting, Business Studies and EMS. These subjects provide students with an essential and practical knowledge of the financial and business world. Learning takes place in a variety of ways in order to encourage understanding, enjoyment and a realistic take on the impact of money and the economy in our everyday lives. Accounting is useful in almost any career, as any executive or entrepreneur will find a basic understanding of accounting and its concepts invaluable in running a business or climbing the corporate ladder.

Our Grade 12 students have been privileged to be invited to attend the Analysis of the Budget Speech at the ICC hosted by Accounting and Auditing firm PKF with whom Waterfall College has established a growing relationship.

Every year, the Accounting students participate in the JSE Investment Challenge, and in 2016 one of the Grade 10 teams reached Top 5 in South Africa, an excellent achievement and a reflection of the good work done in the Accounting Department.

Head of Department: Ms Jayne Cansfield