Business Studies

Steven Covey said, “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” Business Studies gives students a 360 degree perspective of the world around them and an understanding of the choices involved in running a business. The subject develops skills in analysis, interpretation and overall professionalism.

The syllabus covers all aspects of business, from entrepreneurship and industry sectors to business functions, corporate social responsibility and creativity. While the subject is content-heavy, class lessons include role plays, videos and presentations. Outings to various businesses are integral to the Waterfall College Business Studies experience: Students have visited an electronics factory, an ice-cream factory, retailers and fast food restaurants in the pursuit of business knowledge.

The Vega Vibe Competition is an exciting opportunity for senior Business Studies students to gain real-world exposure. The team is tasked to create a marketing campaign within a limited timeframe. Waterfall College won the national competition in 2015. Megan Clifton (Class of 2015) says of Vega Vibe 2015: “New millennials are often criticised for their lack of awareness of the issues we face in South Africa. This challenge addresses this problem in a unique way as it opens our eyes to these dilemmas and also challenges us to solve them in a creative way.”

Head of Department: Ms Jayne Cansfield