Head Girl’s Speech 2018

Valedictory Speech of Candice Leslie, Head Girl 2018

I started my journey at Waterfall College at the start of Grade 10 in 2016. It is not easy to move schools halfway through your high school career, but Waterfall College made that transition easy. From day one, I could tell that this school was special. The classes were small, the students were friendly and the teachers were welcoming.

In my first year, I had heard about the HOPE programme and was immediately interested in joining their committee. I spoke to Ms Cansfield and jumped on board. Since then the HOPE committee has grown from a few Matrics to eight students in all different grades who were chosen from their application forms. The HOPE committee allows us to help the community and gives us wonderful experiences. I have visited the old age home every year on Valentine’s Day and Spring Day. Talking and giving to the elderly has allowed me to experience another part of life, talking to people and hearing their life stories. It gives you a sense of appreciation and purpose to see a smile on a person’s face when you helped put it there.

I have also been involved in the Student Christian Association, which holds meetings every Thursday at break and students share their thoughts and spread God’s word through the school. It is a great way for students to have the opportunity to share their thoughts and stories about how they came to find God. Our Tuesday breaks are most often spent praying for students or the school, and this gives people more of a chance to ask for help in certain areas of their lives.

Waterfall College is an exceptional school, filled with special people. This school acknowledges everyone for their achievements, whether in sport or cultural activities. This helps students to be motivated to do something because their school supports them and gives them many opportunities to excel. This has helped me develop in my passion and achieve things that I only ever dreamed of.

The Matrics of 2018 are a close group. We have had many experiences together and they have made my time at Waterfall College all the more memorable. From late nights on camps and sleeping on the floor of caves to the conspiracy theories discussed in Biology class and the very heated debates on whether or not
the Earth is actually flat.

I will always remember our English class discussions, with Travers eating at the back of the class, Josh with his interesting theories and the dramatic noises coming from the boys playing cards.

Before I finish, I would like to thank every staff member, as well as students and parents, for all the love and support they have shown me. Waterfall College has given me great opportunities in my karate and in my position as Head Girl.