Waterfall College combines traditional teaching methods with technology through applying our newly introduced 'Google Schools' programme for students, facilitated by wireless connectivity to all classrooms.

Technology is taught as an academic subject for Grades 8 and 9. Students learn how to prepare documents and research effectively online. These are critical skills across all subjects, especially in the FET phase with the development of IEB student portfolios as a significant component of the Grade 12 marks. Online safety is also a key part of the GET Technology syllabus.

The current infrastructure project underway for the College is preparation of a server for the new IEB Examination Portal. This facility allows the school to access Matric IEB examination papers securely online and also to submit answers online for concession students. It is a requirement of all IEB schools and key to Waterfall College’s high academic standards.

In addition, the College has implemented Google Classroom to all classes. This enables constant sharing of school assignments and feedback online between teachers and students and all academic work is backed up onto the cloud.