Focus on iThemba

“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.” – Nelson Mandela

In 2003, a dream came to fruition when Hillcrest residents Danie and Judy van den Heever’s aspirations to facilitate significant change for the youth in the Valley of 1000 Hills area were realised.

Through faith, a strong calling to make a difference and the support of key donors, they established the accredited public benefit (18A), non-profit organisation Focus on iThemba. iThemba means “hope” in isiZulu and through incredible teamwork, passion and the kindness of the human spirit this “place of hope” has benefited many.

Over the years and observing the need in the community, the direction of the NPO has shifted to shining a light more to education. Today the vision is to “Grow Hearts and Minds” by investing in children through quality education, resulting in life-altering positive change. Located on an inspiring 41-acres of land, known as the iThemba Campus, this is where Waterfall Schools has taken root.

Three of the board members who steer Focus on iThemba also sit on the Waterfall Schools Board to ensure the overlapping philosophies of investing and prioritising growth through education are kept in focus. The Waterfall Schools group is part of the greater sustainability programme for the longevity of Focus on iThemba and the two pillars where the two work closely together are the iThemba Scholars Programme and iThemba Community initiatives.

iThemba Scholars:

The dynamic iThemba Scholars programme offers life-changing 100% donor-funded scholarships to selected pupils to attend Waterfall Schools from the Pre-Schools with which Focus on iThemba partners. As of 2019 and through the support of forwarding-thinking partners, ten children are benefitting from this unique programme. In 2019, two scholarships were offered from Pre-Primary level. The Education Fund collectively aims to support two new children annually. In addition, four iThemba foster children are benefiting from an excellent education at the Prep and College.

Early Childhood Development:

Focus on iThemba believes in the power of Early Childhood Development (ECD) as more and more research highlights the significance of the first five years of a child’s life in terms of crucial brain development. The team currently works alongside ten Pre-Schools in the Valley of 1000 Hills and Molweni areas to ensure tomorrow’s generation gets the best start today. In embracing kindness and caring values, Waterfall Schools aims to support two of these Pre-Schools through age-appropriate donations along with mentorship initiatives.

The Focus on iThemba team is based in Jacob House on the iThemba Campus. Pop in to say hello or email Tayla-Anne Goss on or visit to support their initiatives and create a bridge of hope.