New Basketball Court is Changing Lives

It is official. Our Waterfall College boys love their basketball. Just the other day a mom was overheard saying, “My son doesn’t stop talking about basketball. He is loving it!”

But it doesn’t stop there. They also love the coach! Nkosi Bhengu is changing lives. Our boys are learning the moves and tricks of this fast-paced, competitive game from a true professional with a passion for developing talent. Having started from humble beginnings himself and risen to provincial-level basketball, Nkosi enjoys making a difference.

Just one month after our new basketball court was opened on campus, four of the senior Waterfall College boys were selected to join the local league team, Highway Basketball: Channing Barr, Travers Dawson, Gareth Pierce and Alex Varenkov. Nkosi is proud of the enthusiasm that the students have displayed. “I like it that they are dedicated,” he says.

Practice is twice a week each for the junior and senior teams, and three times a week for those on the Highway Basketball league team. The team are preparing for the Kearsney Basketball Tournament which kicks off later this month.

Do you know what ‘double dribble’ or ‘travelling’ means? If you are unfamiliar with basketball but wish to come and support our boys, have a look at this short video for the basic rules, violations and fouls of basketball:

Waterfall College warmly thanks the sponsors of the basketball court:

The title sponsor of the basketball court is 6Bar Construction. The major sponsors are Metier Mixed Concrete (for the concrete) and X-Rad Trailers (for the stands). The minor sponsors are Décor 8, Shaves, Midlands Signage (for the scoreboard), Stump Terminator, Super Digger, Northside Electrical and DL Flooring.