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Waterfall College Students Bring Wonderland to Life

This year, the school’s annual drama production took a new direction, with star performances by a talented cast.

The cast of Alice Through The Looking Glass, with Abigail Kane as Alice

On 31 May and 1 June, Waterfall College presented ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ in partnership with Theatrefolk. The show saw 28 students flex their artistic muscle, giving the audience many laughs and even a few tears. “We are dedicated to offering drama, music, design and public speaking to all our students,” said Principal Jeanette van der Merwe, “and this year’s drama production has entertained our families and friends, while simultaneously raising the bar of culture at Waterfall College.”

Costumes, set and lighting created the backdrop for a delightful experience, enhancing an impressive display of talent by the students. Asked why the Lindsey Price script was chosen, Production Director and Head of Drama at Waterfall College, Greg Kyle, said: “We wanted to do something different in terms of style from the previous years. This is a sort of dreamy, surreal non-comedy, unlike the parodies we have previously done.”

Grade 11 student Abigail Kane embraced her role as lead character Alice, commanding an extensive narrative script. She drew the audience into Alice’s other-worldly experience, exploring the wonderland through the looking glass. From the delightful talking flowers to the White Queen, played by Grade 12 student Brooklyn Webster, and the feisty Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, played by Grade 12 students Tafadzwa Thabethe and Andraya Kruger, the audience was introduced to a charming cast of characters.

At the end of the final performance on Friday night, there were few dry eyes in the hall as Head Boy Dylan Cooper, who played the White King, as well as being a wonderland chorus member, thanked Mr Kyle for his guidance.

The annual drama production is a team effort by parents, students and staff of the school. Waterfall College is grateful to all those who have made ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ a memorable showcase of talent, fun and entertainment.

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