Exciting Announcements for Waterfall Preparatory

Waterfall Preparatory School will open its new Intermediate Phase from Grades 4 to 7 in January 2018. The new school headmaster was announced in March, as Mr Bradley Cooper.

Our brand-new school welcomed its first Grade 1 to 3 pupils in January this year, and we are now embarking on our new journey to intermediate phase (Grade 4-7) to bridge the final gap into the established IEB high school, Waterfall College (Grade 8-12), on the same campus. Construction has already begun on the new school building, which will welcome Grade 4 to 7 students in January 2018.

This exciting new development goes hand in hand with the recent announcement that Mr Bradley Cooper has been appointed as Waterfall Preparatory School’s first Headmaster, commencing in July 2017.

Having studied a Bachelor of Primary Education at the University of Witwatersrand, Mr Cooper began his teaching career at The Ridge School in Johannesburg in 1992 where he was the HOD of Sport and a member of EXCO. He then moved to Highbury Preparatory School in 1999, where he led a team of 25 Academic Staff members at the Senior Primary (Grade 4 to 7); he has more recently served as HOD at Embury College

Advisory Head of Waterfall Preparatory, Sharron Lane, speaks highly of Mr Cooper: “Brad is a man of integrity whose passion for education and family values breathes new life into those who are privileged to work with and learn from him.”

Waterfall Preparatory School is delighted to welcome Mr Cooper to the team, announced at the critical time when work has begun on expansion up to Grade 7. His experience and leadership will form a key foundation for the school’s future to provide quality, affordable, independent education. With Mr Cooper’s guidance, Waterfall Preparatory will develop a team of teachers, who, together with the parents of the child, can focus not on the success of the child, but on the child.

Mr. Cooper puts it as follows, “We aim to have people around our students that genuinely believe in the students, and who appreciate that their dreams are unique to them, and their future development at the school.”

Contact for more info: preparatory@waterfallcollege.co.za | 082 378 5474