Learning Experience

At Waterfall Prep, we follow the CAPS curriculum, as set down by the Department of Basic Education. We believe that learning should be an organic process guided by passionate teachers, with a focus on creating a peaceful environment where every child is secure in their own identity. This provides a solid foundation for creative discovery and a lifelong love of learning.

Each day starts with a devotional, setting the tone for the day.

As we establish the systems and structures of our new school, we have the opportunity to ask ‘why’ of everything, striving for a Fear, Anxiety, Pressure and Stress-free environment. We have chosen not to have a school bell, rather allowing lessons to come to a natural conclusion. This gives our teachers the flexibility to conduct their day in an integrated manner, spending more time on a task, when necessary, and pursuing that which inspires their pupils.

We are fortunate to be located on a 41-acre eco-campus, which provides unlimited opportunities for exploration and outdoor learning. With our maximum class size of 24, each child receives individual attention from their teacher. A carefully-considered approach to assessment allows for more learning in class time and our policy of limited homework encourages children to spend time outside of school with their family, embracing the joys of childhood.

Our intention and belief is that, by the end of Grade 7, our pupils will be secure in their identity and well prepared for the many learning opportunities of high school. There is a natural progression from the Prep to Waterfall College.

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Our Subjects:

English Home Language
Afrikaans first additional language (Grade 1 – 5)
isiZulu second additional language (Grade 1 – 5)
Afrikaans OR isiZulu first additional language (Grade 6 – 7)
Natural Sciences
Social Sciences
Life Orientation
Physical Education
Economic Management Science (Grade 7)

**Waterfall Prep is a member of ISASA