Message from the Headmaster

Welcome to our school – a new school with a specific dream: to be a place where all children love to learn, every day, as they realise their dreams.

Headmaster Brad Cooper

Our parents have chosen for their child/children to attend our school, which is overflowing with the potential to grow into an educational hub of immense value, possibly for various reasons. I thought it may be pertinent to communicate why I have chosen to spend the next season of my career as a member of this family, contributing to growing this potential.

As a starting point, I have for many years believed in the qualities of each child and a favourite quote sums up the roles of teaching and parenting for me.

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free,” Michelangelo.

I can get quite passionate about certain subjects and have condensed them into bulleted points that will hopefully convey my heart for what we intend to achieve at Waterfall Prep, with these key intentions as a plumb line.

We intend to be a school that:

  • meets the personal academic and emotional needs of each child;
  • provides an environment for each child to express their uniqueness and qualities, and encourages each child to discover their strengths;
  • creates family space and provides opportunities for the family unit to be celebrated and enhanced;
  • through honouring every person on the campus, will help children be secure in their personal identity and see themselves through the same eyes as their Heavenly Father;
  • is prepared to challenge and investigate trends in education and society, and make decisions based on what is right for children and families now;
  • can hand over to our wonderful College, self-assured, academically equipped, happy Grade 7s, who are excited to learn and value their contribution to the school and community at large.


Life at a new school is filled with exciting ‘firsts’.

I fully appreciate that this is no small task. It will require dedication to these goals by all involved. It will have challenges and ups and downs along the way. However, I do believe that it is attainable and I look forward to leading the Prep School team, together with parents and the children in our care, towards achieving it.

Yours faithfully

Brad Cooper

Waterfall Preparatory Headmaster