Waterfall Schools launches new sports houses | Waterfall Schools

Waterfall Schools launches new sports houses

This June, Waterfall Schools celebrated an exciting milestone with the launch of its sports houses, which will be used in both the Prep and the College. Prep pupils embraced their new colours for the inter-house cross country on Thursday, 20 June, which was great fun and a fabulous opportunity to run the Insele Trail. The College gave the houses a spirited debut at the annual Walkathon on 8 August.
College students put on a colourful display at the annual Walkathon

The house names are taken from waterfalls in the nearby Krantzkloof Nature Reserve, just a few kilometres from the school. All three of these are part of the system that feeds the Molweni River, which joins the larger Umgeni River and then the Indian Ocean at Blue Lagoon.

MPITHI (green) is named after the Blue Duiker. The Mpithi River runs through Iphithi Nature Reserve in Gillitts, then on to meet the Molweni River at the Kloof Falls Picnic Site.

NKONKA (yellow) means male Bushbuck in isiZulu. The stream joins the Molweni River in the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve, along the Molweni Trail.

There are two waterfalls on the NKUTU (red) River within Krantzkloof Nature Reserve. Legend has it that a large python lives in the pool at the bottom of the Lower Falls! The Nkutu River is the largest tributary of the Molweni River and, over many years, has cut its own gorge through the sandstone.

“We look forward to developing our house culture across the schools with a series of events to promote healthy competition,” said Headmaster Brad Cooper.

Waterfall Prep Headmaster Brad Cooper (centre) celebrates the new sports houses with staff and pupils