Waterfall College has a growing reputation as a quality, personalised, IEB high school. Key to this is the focus on academic excellence.

2017 saw our school maintain our exceptional IEB Matric results, with the expected 100% pass rate and Bachelor degree passes remaining at 88% in 2017. Click here for more about the 2017 Matric Results.

One of the areas of emphasis at Waterfall College is maintaining a consistent, diligent work rate. This is implemented through the dedicated team of subject specialist teachers, who constantly guide and encourage students inside and outside the classroom. Our school motto, ‘Per ardua ad perfectum’ meaning ‘Through hard work, excellence is achieved’ is borne out through the academic discipline applied at Waterfall College. Read more about our Academic Awards here.

Technology is an important tool to build learning at Waterfall College. Classrooms are fitted with data projectors and students are encouraged to research on their devices according to the needs of each subject.

In addition to the classroom activities, Waterfall College also participates in a variety of academic competitions, providing exposure to other schools and to the real world of work:

Vega Vibe (Business Studies & Design students)

  • Students work in a team to a project deadline and produce a marketing campaign which is specific to each year. In 2015, the campaign was to endorse a specific children’s right for an organisation. The Waterfall College team won the KZN contest and went on to win Nationals as well. They chose to run a campaign on addressing children’s rights to a family, providing recommendations for social media, billboards, fundraising and a mentorship programme.

The picture below shows the 2015 Vega Vibe team: Back row: Lané Roux, Joshua Wood, Megan Clifton, Nandi Hadebe. Front Row: Michaela Christophers, Mrs Saville, Mrs Bourreau, Marciano Fernandes.vega-vibe-team-2015

JSE Investment Challenge (Accounting students)

  • Students compete in a game over a period of 6 months. Each team gets a fictitious R1,000,000 to invest in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). Their performance is tracked against other teams in the three categories. In 2016, Waterfall College reached the Top 5 in South Africa in the Speculator Portfolio category. The team of 4 students was flown to Johannesburg to receive their awards.
  • The picture below shows the 2016 JSE Challenge Team VLK, placed 5th in South Africa: Sbonokuhle Ngcobo, Vaughan Lacon-Allin, Ms Cansfield, Kuhlekonke Majola, Lwazi Ncobo


Mathematics Olympiad and University of Pretoria Mathematics Competition (Mathematics students)

  • A group of our students are entered annually into the Harmony Gold Mathematics Olympiad along with approximately 12,000 other students in South Africa, and Waterfall College has consistently qualified for the second round of the contest.
  • An additional challenge is the University of Pretoria’s Mathematics Competition, where some of our top Mathematics students have scored well.


For our senior students, there is a range of academic choices available to students as they enter the FET phase (Grade 10-12) and begin to focus on their areas of specialisation. You can find out more about Subject Choices here.

Find out more about the following subjects offered at Waterfall College:

English                                          Afrikaans

isiZulu                                           Mathematics & Mathematical Literacy

Accounting                                 Physical Sciences

Life Sciences                              Geography

History                                          Business Studies

Consumer Studies                    Dramatic Arts

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