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Subject Choices

At Waterfall College, the following subject choices currently apply:

  • English
  • Afrikaans OR IsiZulu
  • Mathematics OR Mathematical Literacy
  • Geography OR Dramatic Arts OR Accounting OR Engineering Graphics and Design
  • Business Studies OR Physical Sciences OR Design Art 
  • Life Sciences OR History OR Consumer Studies
  • Life Orientation

A message from our Deputy Principal, Mrs Green, regarding your subject choice:

Bear in mind that you are not expected to know exactly what career you wish to follow and it is quite normal to be undecided!

If you do have a strong feeling about a career path for yourself, it is important to consider that your feelings may well change between now and your matriculation year, as other factors come into play. What you need to do is to look at a subject choice that is going to offer you as many career path options as possible.

A broader range of subjects, rather than a specific scientific, commercial or arts slant is advisable.

Closing note on subject choices:

Every year, Waterfall College considers the academic interests of the Grade 9 students and new subjects are occasionally added to this FET subject choice list. Therefore, the list above is subject to change and you are encouraged to discuss any concerns with the school. A presentation is also provided to Grade 9 parents, where each subject is briefly introduced by the senior teachers as an additional opportunity for clarification.

If you have any queries or would like any advice, please contact Mrs Vivienne Lamplough (Head of Academics) on or Mrs Bryony Green on .

Alternatively, you are welcome to make an appointment with the teacher concerned.