I would just like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for making 2017 such an amazing year.

What a wonderful first year of High school for Ali, she has just blossomed under your care. School life has never been easy for her and this year she has developed on many levels under your guidance. She is so happy at WFC, she has made many wonderful friends and they are all so accepting of others. (Mrs Green asked Ali in her interview, why she wanted to be a part of WFC and her answer was to make special, genuine friends. Well she has achieved that goal.)

Alison’s marks have increased by at least 15%. Her motivation, dedication and enthusiasm to her school work is evident in her marks. These things would not have been possible if it had not been for the kind and caring teachers. Each one of you has made a difference in Alison’s life and I would like to thank you. This is just the beginning of Alison’s high school career and as a parent, I couldn’t be prouder and I know this was probably one of the wisest decisions we have made, sending Ali to WFC.


Tanja Rees – Parent of Alison Rees, Class of 2022

From Megan’s very first day at Waterfall College, she felt welcomed and at home, and it has been a joy for us to watch her grow into the confident young lady that she is today. This is largely due to the enormous impact that her dedicated and caring teachers have had on her life, many of whom we have seen go the extra mile on so many occasions.

Thank you for investing in our daughter, for recognising her gifts and talents, and for calling out the treasures that God has placed within her heart. You have all been an instrument in His mighty hand in helping Megan reach her full potential, and become all that she was destined to be.

We wish Waterfall College everything of the best for the future. May you go from strength to strength as you honour your motto “The School with the Personal Touch”, and may God richly bless you all.

Glenn and Lynn Clifton – Parents of Megan Clifton, Class of 2015

We first became aware of Waterfall College through a neighbour. We decided Waterfall College was the place for Siobhan and yes, we were initially concerned about the small size but had heard excellent comments about the school and the IEB system.

The school has the amazing ability to attract top teachers who work for the love of teaching and offer the opportunity for students to excel at their academic level. Siobhan wanted a challenge and set her own goals. We watched our daughter grow from an average, shy, very quiet student into a confident, responsible and hardworking young woman. Waterfall College has helped bring out the best in our daughter and she has blossomed as Head Girl. We are extremely proud of her.

I can happily and whole-heartedly recommend Waterfall College to any parent committed to providing the best education (IEB) for their child.

You have a miracle going on there, and we loved being part of it.

Thank you to the wonderful staff, administrators and teachers; we will be forever grateful.

Bruce and Tracey Cahill – Parents of Head Girl Siobhan Cahill, Class of 2014

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Principal and Staff of Waterfall College on behalf of our daughter Ayanda Ngcobo.

As parents, we knew that Ayanda had a potential to achieve but Waterfall College nurtured her potential to the highest level. We are very grateful for the effort the educators put in encouraging her to do the best she could to attain the best results.

We would highly recommend the school to our friends as it has been a great pleasure to be part of it.

Joel and Makhosi Ngcobo – Parents of Deputy Head Girl Ayanda Ngcobo, Class of 2014

I would like to just say that Waterfall College has been a huge inspiration to Daniel and us as parents. From the minute we drove into the driveway and met Mrs Van Der Merwe, Daniel was blown away.

We unfortunately had to take him out of Waterfall College as we relocated. However, this did not last long as Daniel was determined he wanted to go back to Waterfall College and he did.

We as parents have never ever looked back, never doubted the fundamentals of the school and have only and ever will have such huge praise and admiration for Waterfall College and the teachers alike. You are not a number at Waterfall College but part of a family and a warm family at that.

We will most certainly miss Waterfall College after Daniel completes his matric this year in 2013. However, we have two siblings growing up and our mind-set is definitely Waterfall College.

We also want to just say thank you to each and every person that is involved in Waterfall College as they all play a huge part of making it work, be it sport, drama etc. Good luck for the future and may the spirit of Waterfall College grow in leaps and bounds.

Veronique & Tony Rose – Parents of Head Boy Daniel Rose, Class of 2013

My years at WFC gave me a steady grounded platform from which I could leap to achieve my greatest desires and overcome life’s tough challenges. The teachers’ firm but fair manner is one that I aspire to achieve one day in my own classroom, as I too create foundations of an equally strong nature.

Jessica Elliott, Alumni Class of 2012, studying BEd Foundation Phase Degree 2016

Waterfall College has brought out the best in my boy.  I am amazed at his results. The respect that he gets from the teachers and school friends now is just awesome! He loves school. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God Bless you abundantly as well as the rest of the teachers at Waterfall.

Ishara Gayadeen – Parent of Mekyle Gayadeen, Grade 8 2016

 Waterfall College provides small classes together with dedicated and experienced teachers, creating the opportunity for each individual to reach his/her potential and for the capable to excel. This, together with the unique caring and personal environment, generates a self-discipline and results in a relaxed community, focused on the positive. The young adults leaving Waterfall College are privileged to have had this experience and carry with them the values which will make them ambassadors in a new, enlightened South Africa.

Keith Decker, Head of Mathematics, Waterfall College, 2016

More and more, the need becomes apparent for young, able South Africans to have a strong sense of their place and purpose in our fledgling democracy. A school like ours fosters that understanding and equips our students to see a more altruistic, empathetic life purpose.

Beverley Surmon, Head of English & Life Orientation, Waterfall College, 2016