Extra lessons to support students
from Grade 1 to 12

Waterfall Online helps primary and high school students boost their confidence and academic performance through convenient, quality extra lessons at an affordable price. 

Since the launch of the extra lesson programme in 2020, we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from students and parents, who have seen the benefits of this programme. Waterfall Online offers private tutoring in a range of subjects, for Government and independent schools, with lessons held online or on the iThemba Campus in Hillcrest for individual students or a maximum of five students per group. Tutors are also available to supervise students’ daily homework schedules. 


Grade 1 to 3: English (phonics, spelling, reading, handwriting), Afrikaans, isiZulu, Mathematics (numeracy, bonds, tables, problem solving, operations).

Grade 4 to 6: English, English Support (includes reading, comprehension and spelling), Afrikaans, isiZulu, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, IT and coding.

Grade 7 to 12: English, English Support (includes reading, comprehension and spelling), Afrikaans, isiZulu, Mathematics, Further Studies Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Accounting, Business Studies, EGD, IT, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Consumer Studies, History and Geography.


One hour (Grade 1-12) or half hour (Grade 1-3), weekly, per subject 


First (of 10) lessons: Term 1 lessons (9 lessons) will start on Monday, 15 April 2024 (week 2 of Term 2) or in week 1 for early registrations.

Costs: Group tutoring (2-5 people): R230 per 1-hour lesson x 9 = R2070 

One-on-one tutoring: R345 per 1-hour lesson x 9 = R3105

Grades 1 to 3: R173 per half-hour private lesson x 9 = R1557 

                         Or R345 per 1-hour lesson x 9 = R3105

Please note that group lessons require a minimum of two students. Should a student be the only member in a group, a 1-on-1 fee will be charged. 

A minimum of 50% payment is due in advance, with the remainder taken by debit order at the start of the following month.

To book your child’s lessons, click here.

For more information, call 031 710 1835 or email hod@waterfallonline.co.za.

“The entire setup is professional and efficient, which makes it a pleasure to deal with as a parent. Each of my child’s three tutors have been so professional – communicating with me regularly and contacting teachers to get outlines of work. The best part of all has been seeing my child’s confidence grow with each and every session – that is absolutely priceless.”
~ Parent of a Grade 9 student

How to Apply

Applications are open throughout the year. Submit your child's application to Waterfall Preparatory or Waterfall College online to take the first step to become part of the Waterfall Schools family.